I am a Polish-born and Brighton -based visual artist. I work freelance at my studio at the Phoenix Art Space. I graduated from Glass and Fine Art Painting but now I work not with glass which is precious and hard and brittle but with fibre and soft and mainly reclaimed materials. Making shrouds and commemorative textiles has given a new purpose and a new meaning to my practice. Here, I bring my passion for unfolding stories, and celebrating and honouring someone’s life, acknowledging life and nature cycles, doing as little harm to the environment as possible. Each shroud is unique, each handmade with love and care. I particularly cherish working with textiles of the deceased family’s heirlooms. Their table and bed linens, their garments and trimmings hold stories of travels, friendships and family events. Now they can serve their last purpose: to help with the final journey, to help with processing grief of those left behind. 

I have bee developing my practice with the support of  fantastic independent funeral directors, Brighton-based  Arka Original Funerals . Original method of using a long piece of fabric was developed by Dina Stander from Last Dance Shrouds whose work and ethos is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. My other inspiration is also shroud making practice of Devon-based Yulli Somme from Bellacouche.

Contact me

If you would like to contact me about commissioning a shroud, about participating in my workshops, to visit my studio or to find out about my work, please email me : dagmararudkin@hotmail.com

You can also contact me via Instagram

Here is a 20 minute presentation about my Fine Art work which I delivered at the Spotlight event at Phoenix Art Space.

And here is a joined presentation on the collaborative Arts Council funded R&D project which I delivered with my collaborator and friend, a photographer and film maker, Wendy Pye. In this project, entitled Snow Q, I worked with a poet Maria Jastrzebska and composer Peter Copley and created site-specific textiles installations.