I am a Brighton-based visual artist and a tutor of Art and Design. I work freelance as a painter, illustrator and puppet and prop maker at my studio at the Phoenix Brighton (http://www.phoenixbrighton.org). I also teach Art and Design at the Bellerbys College, Brighton.

​After more than a decade of working as a fine artist and a tutor I recently completed an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton. My projects dealt with the narrative nature of objects and materials and I used animations, paintings, illustrations and puppetry performance to retell cautionary stories for children and adults. As a part of my personal project, I am  currently working on a series of paintings and an animation for adults -retelling of the Greek myth ‘The Story of Persephone’ in which I am exploring our longing to arrest time, resurrection and the Feminine Principle. I hope that it will be poetic and gaudy, witty and overembelished. I want it to be a contemplation and a celebration of the rites of passage told by European mythology.

As an illustrator, I work for both a young and an adult audience, using one of or a combination of three techniques: ink drawing, collage and mixed media, 3D illustration where I build and then photograph a character or an environment.

I also belong to the Fabula Collective, a group of artists and designers connected by a desire to tell stories through images, objects and text.http://fabulacollective.com

If you would like to contact me about my work please email me: