Part of The Snow Q Project. Site specific installation representing a journey of a young protagonist, Gerda, in the story of Hans Christian Andersen ‘The Snow Queen’.

‘Gerda’s chandelier’ installation was a part of Arts Council supported project ‘The Snow Q’ which culminated in the site-specific performance at the Basement of the Regency Town House on Winter Solstice, 2018.

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‘Gerda Chandelier’, December 2018
upcycled lampshades, bras, textiles, plastic balls

This cross between the Cornucopia and a Regency chandelier is inspired by the chapter of the Snow Queen entitled ‘ The Flower Garden’. Originally exhibited in the Regency kitchen for the Snow Q event, it shows how Gerda transformed from a child into a young woman under the guidance of another woman who imprisoned her with a spell. Gerda’s metamorphosis is illustrated by upcycled lampshades which grow in size and complexity, starting with the bare cells of flesh that transform into a lush and sensual apex. During a performance, the chandelier was attached with delicate threads to textile pieces produced by the Young Carers as a part of a workshop organized during this project. The space underneath the table represents Gerda’s subconsciousness. Table cloth transformed into a shadow theatre reveals dark roots reminding Gerda of the sacrifice she had to make . Photography by Wendy Pye, Richard Clarke and Phil Blume.