Part of The Snow Q Project. Site specific installation representing a journey of a young protagonist, Gerda, in the story of Hans Christian Andersen ‘The Snow Queen’.

‘Gerda’s chandelier’ installation made out of upcycled lampshades and textiles was a part of Arts Council supported project ‘The Snow Q’ which culminated in the site-specific performance at the Basement of the Regency Town House on Winter Solstice, 2018.

The installation was suspended above a dining table in the servant’s kitchen which also resembles a glasshouse. This space represented the Flower Garden where Gerda was  put under a spell. While Gerda temporarily forgot about her quest to save Kai, she was able to be nurtured and to grow. The lampshades grow in size and embellishment to show Gerda’s transition from a child to a young woman.  During a performance, the chandelier was attached with delicate threads to textile pieces produced by the Young Carers as a part of a workshop organized during this project. The space underneath the table represents Gerda’s sub consciousness. Table cloth transformed into a shadow theatre reveals dark roots reminding Gerda of the sacrifice she had to make . Photography by Wendy Pye, Richard Clarke and Phil Blume.