The Story of Henny Penny takes this traditional English cautionary tale into a new and a dark direction. 
The five characters- Henny Penny and her four companions who she meets on her quest to save the world from the falling sky- are puppets made out of found objects that symbolise their flawed personalities such as obsession with celebrities, gambling and nonexistent fortune reading skills. The characters follow a mysterious Red Button manipulated by sinister Red Gloves whose owner hides in the shadows. They soon leave the limited safety of the 2D world to enter the 3D world of the charming thief and murderer Foxy Woxy whose button-hole eye is curiously missing a button.  
The Story of Henny Penny is a homage to the Polish puppet theatres and children’s animations I watched as a child growing up in Eastern Europe.

Music by Richard Morson, script and voice over Charles Rudkin, editing Wendy Pye, photography and live footage Dagmara Rudkin, Richard Clarke, Wendy Pye, puppeteering Matt Rudkin, Isobel Smith, Fiammetta Horvat, Ruby Hermon