Winged Shroud. This design has two parts.

Part one is an inner layer which consists of a long, piece of fabric. In the example below, a section of a long piece of fabric was decorated with imagery of Blue Moons and Seascapes using cyanotype technique. There are also three wide ties to tie the body. Here, they are also decorated with imagery using cyanotype.  Cyanotype is a 19th C photographic technique  of exposing images onto a pretreated surface using sunlight. The images are light sensitive and will eventually fade away- a beautiful metaphor of transience of life. It is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable method.

Part two is an outer layer: an embellished textile cover which resembles a soft coffin lid. There are thin pieces of card inserted into the outer layer so that the shape resembles a soft tunnel and the silhouette of the body is no longer visible. The ’lid’ is decorated with padded wing-like forms. They are made from vintage silk, eco-printed and filled with unwashed sheep fleece.

Botanical Vintage shrouds are made from long pieces of fabric which includes a decorated overleaf and three wide ties to tie the body. Images below, right show two main sections of the long shroud (roughly three times body length) and images bottom left are close ups of three ties.

These shrouds are made from salvaged, biodegradable textiles dyed with plants using eco printing methods. This involves natural plant dyes and fresh leaves containing high quantities of tannin which, when exposed to a right mixture of iron and other natural minerals, bleed into a fabric creating beautiful ghost-like prints. It is a completely toxic-free, environmentally friendly method. Using leaves from a deceased garden can make a shroud particularly beautiful and meaningful.